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Trim Door \w Depth Space Between Door Frame and Wall

Hello all (again),

Let me see if I can describe this well. I set a door frame in a very tight area. Because so, the frame had to be set back about a half of an inch from the wall board. (Hard to describe why, but trust me, it had to be that way.) So, effectively, the door frame is set back one half inch further from the wall. I need to put up door trim but I don't know how with a gap. I am guessing I need a filler strip to fill the gap? (Expanding foam? heh.) I don't know. There isn't any way to move the door forward to meet the wall either. It sounds strange but I need some advice. If I do a filler strip, how can I make it? Best yet, it is a 45 degree angled door so it makes it even MORE complicated to set. Ug...

Thanks for any help!


Re: Trim Door \w Depth Space Between Door Frame and Wall

Your situation is not at all rare. You fill the gap with a strip of casing (trim) that you need to cut to size. Finish by caulking and painting.

Re: Trim Door \w Depth Space Between Door Frame and Wall

dj is on the right track.. your situation happens all the time i deal with it atleast 3x's per house when im trimming...

what youll need is a table saw and some flatstock mdf or some pine. you need to figure out how far the door jamb is below the face of the drywall. when you determine this rip strips that will extend the door jamb out to the face of the drywall. from there you can install your casing.. just be sure to check the measurement all the way around the jamb because it can vary depending on the wall itself

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