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Trick to eliminate paint bleeding through masking tape

Saw your article on choosing the right masking tape for painting and I wanted to share my tip to eliminate bleed through... This trick is especially effective on interior walls with thicker texture. It takes a little time, but is well worth the effort.

At a place where two colors come together (e.g. red and yellow), start with the lighter color, yellow for instance . Paint that color first and allow adequate drying time (24-48 hours). Then, take your blue tape and tape your line ON TOP of the color you just painted (yes, you read that right, ON TOP of the freshly painted color). Now, take that SAME color (yellow in my example) and lightly paint the line where you plan to paint your second color. This ensures that any bleed through under the tape is the original color. Allow sufficient drying time (12-24 hours). Now take your second color (red in my example) and paint the line as well as the rest of the surface. Remove the masking tape while the paint is still tacky. You will have a beautiful, crisp line!

This trick works fabulously when painting corners and chair rails, especially in formal areas where attention to details is of top concern!

Kristina Coleman
Tacoma, WA

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