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Trees between houses - Tight Spaces!

Between my house and my neighbor's house is maybe 8 feet on a good day, four of which are on my property. Right now there is a sidewalk of sorts which was poured from my foundation (not attached to) to the small 'curb' of sorts on which sets our small (4') dividing fence. I would really like to rip out all of the sidewalk and put grass and maybe a row of trees to improve the view a little out my side windows. I would really like to plant some quaking aspens, but my husband is worried about the effect it might have on the foundations of the two houses. The sewer lines wouldn't appear to be an issue, they are on the opposite sides of the houses. Does anyone know what aspen roots do? Are they harmful to foundations? If so, does anyone have any suggestions for a deciduous tree that would plant well in a small space?

Re: Trees between houses - Tight Spaces!

I think that apsen trees need space, so they won't be my choice for a tight side yard. Still, they are very nice trees...

Get info from different websites and find better choices for your area.

A. Spruce
Re: Trees between houses - Tight Spaces!

I would opt for cyprus, these trees only get about 3' in diameter but make up for it in height. Root balls are also about 3' in diameter or less. They are fairly fast growing and create a great screen if you want to block your view of the neighbors house. The last property that I owned had them and they were great. They got as tall as our 2-story house and provided a nice barrier between our yard and the neighbor.


Re: Trees between houses - Tight Spaces!

What about a nice vine for the fence?

Re: Trees between houses - Tight Spaces!

How about a decorative lattice with the vines Houston suggests or even a tree trained as a spalier? Fruit trees are often trained to grow flat against a fence or lattice work.

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