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Trees and Roots

A recent sewer scope showed a VERY small root making its way into our sewage line. Obviously, this will become a big problem eventually, and it will need to be removed. However, I want to remove the tree altogether. If I remove the tree, use some stump killer, then dig up the stump, will the root that is making its way into the sewer going to die?

Re: Trees and Roots

What kind of tree? I ask because it does make a difference. Generally when you cut down a tree, the roots will die, but some trees will sucker from any roots left in the ground. If you have one of these, then you have to make sure to cut down or mow down any suckers that come up. Eventually the roots will run out of energy from trying to grow a new tree and the roots will die, but it may take awhile.

If it is a suckering type of tree, at least the roots won't grow unless you let one of the suckers grow into a tree. You can hasten the process by spraying RoundUp or equivalent on the suckers and mowing them down the next day.

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