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Gennesee Sampson
Tree Suckers Growing everywhere!

Just bought a house this fall and due to the weather I was unable to get much of any yard work done. In the future I am planning on a full landscape project. But in the mean time I would like to start killing off all of the new trees that are starting to grow in my yard. Any suggestions on how to help get rid of them other then digging up half my yard to get to the roots? Thanks.

Re: Tree Suckers Growing everywhere!

Mowing is about all you can do. Goats would be the next option.

Gennesee Sampson
Re: Tree Suckers Growing everywhere!

LOL, goats I like that.

Re: Tree Suckers Growing everywhere!

Agree on the mowing. If the tree that is suckering is still alive, you will always have this problem, if the tree is gone, then eventually the roots will die and the suckering will stop, you just have to keep mowing the little suckers, but you have to mow the grass anyway.

Re: Tree Suckers Growing everywhere!

To clarify what others have said, if the host tree is still alive and otherwise a desirable tree, there is no way to poison the suckers without harming the host tree. Depending on the tree, you may be able to have some success with root pruning.

I'd recommend contacting an arborist for advice.

Re: Tree Suckers Growing everywhere!

You've 2 options, remove it or let it grow. I indicate you for getting it removed as quickly as possible, as we all know its name is sucker because it will sap just about all energy from the healthier branches. For removing it you will have to cut it cleanly as near the tree as you can, only then you can control its regrowth. Hope this assists you having removed, let me know it it works out for you or not.

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