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Tree roots invading pool. Root Barrier.

I planted Skyline Locusts adjacent to our in-ground pool. After 8 years we are beginning to see roots growing beneath the liner. They come in from the side about 30" below grade and travel down to the bottom, and are growing at a rapid clip. Does anyone have experience with Root Barriers? I am looking at Century Products Dual Purpose Root Barrier / Water Barrier: http://www.centuryrootbarrier.com/store.php?crn=232&rn=471&action=show_detail
They recommend using the 36" material, which has its own challenges, like finding a Ditch Witch that will dig 42"(+/-). My main concern is that I go through all of the expense and work to install this stuff and the roots just find their way back under it after a few years.
Oh, and did I mention that the gas line to the heater and the return water lines are in the path of where the barrier would go...

Re: Tree roots invading pool. Root Barrier.

Though it's not my specialty, I do know some things about trees. First is that their roots seek water and nutrients so they are going to go where they find these things and they will go over, under, and sometimes even grow around anything that gets in their way. I also know that if you disturb more than about 20% of any trees root system it will probably die- and some trees are a lot more sensitive than this.

In your situation either the trees or the pool will have to go, the only possible alternative I can see is to convert the pool to concrete 'gunite' instead of a liner and hope that is strong enough to resist the roots. No barrier will stop the roots from growing around them if that's what the tree wants to do and it probably does since that it where the roots are going now. Just because something will fit somewhere doesn't always make that siting a good choice, and especially with plantings you must take into consideration it's root system characteristics which will keep growing larger and longer till it reaches full maturity.

Decide on which one is more important to you then alter the other to work with it. You can go with an above-ground pool or you can get rid of the trees, possibly planting something more appropriate in it's place. Otherwise you're going to have a lumpy pool bottom till the liner can take it no more and fails.


Re: Tree roots invading pool. Root Barrier.

Now you know that planting skyline locusts next to a water source, was a big mistake. Tree roots cause unbelievable damages to structures and in most cases, getting rid of the problem causing agent is the cheapest solution.

Don't waste your money and time on root restraining products. Plastic, wood, clay pipes, concrete - all a joke for thirsty roots.

Remove the trees or lose the pool.

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