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Tree leaves turn black, fall off and then tree sprouts new leaves

I am having the most frustrating time with a tree I planted 1 year ago Spring 2007. I live in Fort Worth, Texas. Here is what has been going on.

I planted the tree March 2007. A 50 gallon Red Maple about 3" at the base and 10' tall. In great shape. The tree grew like crazy up until July and the the leaves started turning black around the edges that slowly creeps over the entire leaf and then the leaf falls off. The tree then leafed out again before all of the leaves falling off for winter time.

This spring the leaves came out and only grew to about 1/2 their normal size. The tree has done this 4 times so far this year.

1. leaves come out.
2. edges turn black.
3. leaves fall off.
4. tree has green buds all over it.
5. go back to #1.

Now my silver maple next to it, about 15 years old, is having its leaves die out.

What it going on? I have talked to different tree people at the nurseries and no one is giving me a good answer as to why or what to do. This is a $450 tree and I would like it to live. Attached is a picture.

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