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Tree and Flower Problem

Just moved into a new home from living in Boston, MA for close to 14 years. Been in the new house for a little over a month and looking for a fix for the back yard trees and flowers. All the flowers keep just getting eaten and it looks like the entire tree is dieing. I have gone through everything in the big box stores with no help. Any advice on what I should do, if I cant figure it out in a couple of weeks I am calling TruGreen. Any help is appreciated.

Re: Tree and Flower Problem

What's doing the eating? Insects, deer, rabbits, groundhogs, etc.
If the tree is important, call in an arborist ASAP to see if something can be done. If it's an ash tree you are probably out of luck. It could be a fungus or insect that may easily be fixed.

Re: Tree and Flower Problem

Unfortunately I don't know what is doing the eating, it is definitely an insect of some sort. I will post some pictures tonight when I get home. There are tiny bites out of all the leaves on the tree up to a certain point and all the flowers are chewed up.


Re: Tree and Flower Problem

Generally, insects make the little holes in leaves or nibble at the edges. Rabbits or deer will snip off the entire flower,leaf or plant.

Slugs can really do a job on plants too. They look at Hostas as if it is salad! They leave little holes all over the leaves. They were a minor nuisance back in Chicago, but here in the Pacific North-West they are out every morning, after an evening of fine dining! Fortunately, they ignore a lot of plants and are fairly easy to control.

Re: Tree and Flower Problem

Look atyour neighbors plants. Are they suffering the same fate? Migratory insects such as june beetles can swam and do seasonal damage. Territorial pest such as slugs are easier to treat.

Re: Tree and Flower Problem

You have to identify the pest before you can select the best control for it. Random spraying of a lot of toxic chemicals can do more harm to you and your family than it might do to the pest. In fact you might make it better for the pest by killing off any of its predators.

It might help if you would tell us where you now live and what kind of tree and flowers you have. One of the regular contributors might live near you and are familiar with the local pests.

You might also check with local garden centers, particularly those that are family owned and are closest to you. They would be most knowledgeable about local pests and the controls that have been most effective in your area. Their controls might cost a little more, but in the long run they will be cheaper as you won't be wasting money on things that don't work.

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