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Treated lumber stain/protectant

Im putting down a new deck floor using 5/4 x6 decking.My question is it ok to immediately put protector on before installing. On a previous deck last year I asked the paint guy at Lowes and he said to wait 3-4 months. Anyone know this one. Thanks

Re: Treated lumber stain/protectant

I'd wait. Once you get the deck nailed down, it'll probably dry out a little more and stabilize. The paint guy is probably right. Once it's stable, moisturewise, you can seal it and it'll be fine. You can even rent a sprayer and do the job pretty quickly if you're worried about ease of doing it.

Good Luck.

Re: Treated lumber stain/protectant

I agree whole heartedly, you have to wait till the wood acclimates to your environment. Most teated lumber you'll buy is fairly green that is why it is recommended that you let the wood "season" for a time period. Even it it isn't green this also holds true for most lumber whether it is ipa or pressure treated they all have to get to know the neighborhood.

Enjoy your deck

Re: Treated lumber stain/protectant

when water will soak into the lumber it is ready for stain or protectant. usually about 3-4 months.

Re: Treated lumber stain/protectant

If you follow the link below, I just wrote a good article about this exact problem - with solutions to staining decks on my blog.

Re: Treated lumber stain/protectant

Does anyone know how often one should reseal the timber?

Re: Treated lumber stain/protectant

Another good indicator is if you drill a screw in the wood, and water comes out...It's still too wet.

Hope that helps!

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