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For many years I dismantaled houses, etc, for the salvage materials. Mainly the wood. Among many, many, treasures I found, - in one house, 2 boxes of print type for hand set printing. However these were unusual because the type was concave. I located an "old timer" who had used this type that was designed to print on electrical wiring. I gave him one and kept one that I finally gave to a newspaper museum.
I found a small(?) 700 lb. safe hidden in the back of a garage. No one knew why it was there or who put it there. A lock smith finally got it open & it contained a handfull of documents dating in the 30's that were pretty much worthless even to a small museum that I donated to, but did place them in one of their display cases.
One interesting find was newspapers opened and laid flat between the subfloor and main floor of a farm house. They were dated 1939-49 (Tulsa World, Tribune) Appearently the builder ran out of the tarpaper he used in part of the flooring. Interestingly also was a huge beam 50 ft long by 20" x 16" that was cresote or tar soaked & supported the middle of the living room, library, & dining room. My lack of heavy equipment at the time, prevented me from getting the beam before the bull dozers and road graders came in and "finished the job"

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