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Trampled Grass and garden

I just had to have a new roof installed. Between all the equipment, debris, and traffic, most of my grass and pachysandra is a matted down mess. It really doesn't seem as though the grass will recover. I've tried raking it but it is not helping. Any advice on how to resuscitate my lawn? Should I mow it down short or just let it grow for a while?

Re: Trampled Grass and garden

Did you complain to the roofer?

He can't come in like this, do his job and mess things around, without paying for damages. Unless, this is how it's done in Philly.

What if he broke a window. Would you let him off the hook?

Re: Trampled Grass and garden

I honestly can say the roofer did a pretty good job of avoiding the landscaping. The grass was really the only place he could put his equipment, plywood, and shingles. The demo was done pretty cleanly too. The grass isn't dead, but it is flattened. I just want to bring it back to life quickly. The pachysandra is a little tangled too.

A. Spruce
Re: Trampled Grass and garden

The grass should rebound from being under the plywood and materials as long as the ground was not disturbed in the process. Yes, it will take some time, but give it a month or so, maybe a shot of fertilizer to promote growth, and it will come back.

As to the pachysandra, I don't know what that is, so I can't offer any advice.

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