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Track Lighting Getting Hot.

I hope someone can help me out, so here is the situation.

I recently installed track lighting in my home and after leaving the track lighting on for a few minutes it gets fairly hot. I'm thinking it is due to the wiring. I used my old light fixture wiring and connected it to the track wiring; black to black, white to white, and green/ground to copper/ground.

My main question is, would the ground wires if not properly grounded cause the light fixture to heat up? If it is not that, then could anyone help me or tell me what the problem may be.

I love the look of the track lighting, but may switch out the track lighting for something safer and uglier if I cannot get this problem solved. I'm a beginner at this and the guy at the hardware store told me it would be an easy install. It was an easy install, but I didn't expect this problem. Much appreciation to those who can help me with this problem. Thanks for your time.

Re: Track Lighting Getting Hot.

Things to consider:

- Total wattage of the bulbs
- Type of bulbs (Halogen bulbs get hot)
- Condition and size of wire
- Level of capacity of the circuit powering the lights

The ground doesn't have anything to do with the heat. It just makes it safer to the user in the event of a shock. A little bit of heat is normal. How much heat is actually emitted? If anything chars or smolders, definitely keep it off.

Re: Track Lighting Getting Hot.

Thanks for the reply college student, the types of bulbs which I have on the track lights are halogen. The area around the bulbs are hot, but the track it self is just warm. So would the safe assumptions to the heat problem revolve around the halogen bulbs. The heat around the bulb is hot to the touch, but I would assume all lights emit heat. What kind of bulbs would you suggest that don't emit heat as much as the halogens? I appreciate your reply.

Re: Track Lighting Getting Hot.

The heat is most likely from the halogens. As long as the track and ceiling are not discoloring from the heat, everything should be fine. Halogen bulbs are probably the only bulbs that fit or otherwise don't look out of place. (i.e. cfls on track lighting) The track lighting is used to focus light unlike regular incandescents. A couple hours here or there won't hurt anything.

Re: Track Lighting Getting Hot.

cosider led bulbs they last 20+ years and use significantly less power then even a cfl and dont become hazzardous waste when you throw them away like cfls

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