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Track Lighting

I have a track light with two fixtures. When I turn on the switch for the track light, only one of them works. But if I play around with the way the fixture is positioned for the one that is not on it turns on. Is there a way to solve this problem without having to play with the way the fixture is hanging??? Thanks in advance for any advice and/or help.

Fred C
Fred C

Possible answer note possible some fixture bars only take their manufactured fixture. For an example: you can't use a Lowes spot with a Home Depot track. Also make sure that neg and postive bars on the track are the same postion on the fixture.Most tracks and fixtures are mark with an arrow or something. The last thing I would check is the wiring not broken? In this case correct it, in fact this should maybe have been the first thing I said.

Re: Track Lighting

Check the contacts on the 2nd light carefully, if you see any oxidation at all, try removing it with a pencil eraser, or if necessary, scrape the contacts with a knife or file ( a nailfile works well). You may also have to do the same with the track, but if so, of course make sure to trip the breaker before doing so. You can also try cleaning the light contacts, then putting it back in the track a 1/2" or so off the original position.

I had this issue with a clearance tracklight from HD a couple months ago - it didn't work right out of the box. I couldn't return it for a replacement as they didn't have any more. Since I had 2 more of the kits, I started swapping parts around to find that it was only the track itself that seemed to be a problem. Checking the contact bars in the track at both ends with a continuity tester worked, so no issues there. But on a whim, I filed the ends of the contact bars with a file on my Leatherman, reinserted the power block, and it worked. While the contact bars looked just fine, they weren't transmitting power adequately without a quick filing.

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