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Track down issue with rogue smoke alarm

Hi all,

We have a 1 year old house with smoke/carbon monoxide dectors that are both hard wired and battery in the house.The one in the kitchen is giving us the most problems. We get a "low battery" signal for no reason and just out of the blue. It doesn't happen on a regular basis, it just happens. Mostly at 3-4am, but thankfully, the last 2 times it waits until we are all awake.  We take the batteries out and test them and they test new. As the batteries are only about 6 months old, they should test new. 6 months ago, we had the smoke alarm replaced because of this issue. We had hopped it would fix it, but it didn't.  The alarm is made by Kiddie Has anyone else had these issues? 

How can I test to see if it's something with the wiring? Why is it only this 1 dector? I've tried contacting the manufacturer, but I have yet to get a response.

Re: Track down issue with rogue smoke alarm

As you have changed the alarm and still the problem remains then I think there must be some fault in the wiring. Just get it checked with an electrician and he might be able to tell you the problem.

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