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topsoil that smells like diesel fuel !

Help ! I bought topsoil in 40# bags from my local hardware store. I would notice a tar or ashpalt smell from time to time while unloading it into my garden. Like a dummy, I ignored this. When I bought the bags that were at the bottom of the pallet they really reeked of diesel fuel. I did not put these bags into the garden. I have contacted many agencies and so far cannot get a free or inexpensive test for the smelly topsoil. Someone advised me to put a "soil inoculant" with microbes into the garden area where I had unloaded the topsoil that smelled like tar. I want to have an "organic" garden. I live in central Missouri. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. :eek:

Rodney H
Re: topsoil that smells like diesel fuel !

I do not have a real definite solution, but you might try adding lime to your garden. Lime will help sweeten and neutralize your soil, and make the soil nutrients more available. Lime is one of the cheapest ways to make all nutrients more available to plants. Sometimes, it is more beneficial just to add lime, so your N P & K are more available to growing plants. Try tilling the soil several times this fall, thoroughly mixing it. That might make some of the odor disappear.

I suspect that diesel fuel might have been spilled, either at the site of the topsoil, or just on some of the bags of topsoil, while they were on the pallets. Do you still have the pallets? If so, smell them, to see if there are any signs of diesel fuel.

Sorry I could not help more. Good luck.

Re: topsoil that smells like diesel fuel !

thks, reenieandrod, for your advice !

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