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tool to determine how much insulation is in a plaster and lathe wall

i was wondering if there is a gadget to determine how much insulation is inside a plaster and lathe wall? i know it settles and it was blown in all over in about 1985. we live in iowa and each year we keep feeling more drafts? we had the house sided and insulated with pink board very thin in 87 but still feels drafty. we had new windows installed in 1996 but i am at the point of putting plastic on them have for about 2-3 years now because they were icing over on the inside. have contacted the manufacturer but to no avail no real explanation. they leaked air? from the bottom where it closes and from the latch seals across. they act like the argon gas is gone but we don't have moisture between the glasses. who knows just one more thing with an old house.

Re: tool to determine how much insulation is in a plaster and lathe wall

for drafts you can get small smoke tool, simply open it and the smoke will move from the draft

for checking insulation there are infared tools now which will work for this sort of thing. tool rental centres might have them, its more of a proffessional tool which though milwaukee now makes a cordless version

Timothy Miller
Re: tool to determine how much insulation is in a plaster and lathe wall

Howdy how old are your windows? drafty they are more likely the source. Consider having a test done to locate the cold spots. An infrared camera will reveal where the cold spots are and then make an informed decision what to repair.
Is it cellulose in the walls or fiberglass? i ask because the cellulose manufactures caution never to install moisture barriers like pink board as condensation can not dry out in the wall cavity - result in mold and rot to the framing....

Infrared thermometers.....man enough for the job?

We are the same here, I want to know about any shortfalls, as our electricity bills here in Norway are mind bogglingly stupid, like $600 a month stupid.

I have just been looking on armazon.com and here are their infrared thermometers.

I wonder if we used one of those on the outside of the house and 'mapped' the surface temps all over to find any differences?

Anyone had any experiences with these small ones?

We used one of the rescue 'body finders', playing about once and it was reallly quite revealing what you could see with one of those.

p.s. Did you know that a policeman had the idea of taking an infrared camera out on patrol and within a few days he was chalking up arrest after arrest to the amamzement of his superiors..........he was finding 'hot' attics, i.e growing weed with the hot house lamps....clever boy!

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