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Too weak for Double-Hung Windows?

Frankly, I am very able-bodied.

We have a house full of Marvin DH Windows which we purchased 11 years ago for a new house. With few exceptions, they all are very difficult to push up and down. I have heard chatter about applying lubricant to the foam weatherstripping to aid in a smoother glide, but would like advice on what type of product to use.

Re: Too weak for Double-Hung Windows?

a very light shot of lithium spray will work , so will a light dab of liquid dish detergent. with the soap you dont have to worry about it causing any damage, it may however make the inside of hte frame a litle cleaner

Re: Too weak for Double-Hung Windows?

Have you called technical / customer support from Marvin?

Re: Too weak for Double-Hung Windows?

On my original windows on my home a little silicone spray made a big difference.

One problem with insulated glass is that it's very, very heavy. Spring counterbalances aren't as good as the old rope and pulley systm in terms of frictio nand drag. plus all the effort ot make the wndow totally air tight, ends up creating a lot of drag as well.

I know our repalcement windows on our last house were fairly heavy and hard to open, while the 86 y/o windows that are in good condition that we now have can practically be opened with one finger. You have to be carefuly that they don't take off on you.

The biggest concern would be if the frames are warped. Marvins are good quality so that shouldn't be an issue like a cheaper vinyl window. But of the house has settled or the hwindow header was inadequate, the sashes could bind if the window is no longer square.

I agree with contacting Marvin. They may have some suggestiong.

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