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Boyd Mooore
too much moisture in attic crawl space
Boyd Mooore


I have a big issue with moisture in my partially finished attic crawl space. My home is a cape cod and was built in 1948. I put on a new roof about 4 years ago and needed to replace some of the plywood due to rot. There were no vents other than a very narrow soffet. The damage was all on the north side of the house.
I installed 3 roof vents 1/2 way down behind the kneewalls (that was where most of the rot was) and a solar fan at the center peak. I also have a ridge vent. I inslulated the crawl space, floor and walls with kraft faced insulation with the paper facing the warm side. I did install air dams and placed a vapor barrier(5 mil plastic) on the interior walls thinking that the heat was excaping through the wall. I still have a moisture issue in the same area that the original problem was located. It is from the knee wall to the ridge vent. It is dry from the knee wall to the soffit. I want to install drywall very soon and am not sure if I should keep the vapor barrier up before putting up the drywall. I also don't know what else I can do to get rid of the moisture problem. I do get condensation on the windows of my main floor and I have forced hot air heat and a wood pellet stove in the basement. If any one can or has a similar situation I would love to hear how to solve this problem. Thanks Boyd Moore

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