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Too many windows and doors

Anyone out there have a 100 plus year old house that has 3 doorways and 4 10foot windows? I do not want to cover them up but it limits cabinet space?

Re: Too many windows and doors

You are faced with the classic dilemma. Homes of that vintage often had cooking rooms that were separate from the house to prevent fire. The "kitchen" as you now call it was the food assembly area, and served mostly as main hallway / hub to the house. Many have 4 doors, a chimney and windows. This means remodeling is a nightmare unless you get really creative.

Start by going to several similar homes in your area to see how they handled the situation. Home tours and historical societies are a great help.

Re: Too many windows and doors

My old house had six doors and a 6' tall window in the kitchen. I solved it by adding another window! And moving one of the doors.

Re: Too many windows and doors

remove some windows or simply make them smaller.. problem solved

Re: Too many windows and doors

Some pictures would help.

Our kitchen has a lot of windows but 2 are higher up so it's not an issue. But we LOVE all the light.

IF the windows face the front of the house, I'd leave those it could ruin the overall appearance forever.

Remember, major changes are hard to undue.

Consider how often you use the doors and consider how the house would look if you covered a window or made it shorter.

Do you have room for a small island or some other way to add space?

Can you add a pantry in another room. Quite honestly, 80% of what's in our kitchen doesn't get touched more than once a year. Do you really need ALL of that space you think you need. Will it kill you to store some of those items in a buffet, hutch or cabinet in another room? OR even a shelf in the basement?

100 years ago there wasn't a lot of shelf stable products, appliances and so forth. You went shopping 2-3 times a week for fresh ingredients or had it delivered. You can make a most meals with 3 pans/pots a couple knives a cutting board and a few wooden spoon and spatulas.

I'd hate to see a historic home remuddled needlessly. Old homes don;t need to be like modern homes

Great example... by not having a "open concept" we were able to clean our oven and vent the kitchen and keep it isolated without stinking up the whole house. No need to clean-up after a formal meal because guests don't have to even see the kitchen.

Re: Too many windows and doors

If you need more cabinet space, and you are willing to give up some of the wondow sizes, then do what jkirk suggests and install smaller windows. By doing so you'll also have new, efficient windows.

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