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too glossy

glad this is back

i recently refinished a dresser with 3 or 4 coats of gloss spar varnish, i think it may be too glossy. someone told me about a product called liquid sandpaper. do you think i could use that to just knock off a little of the gloss or should i hit it very lightly with some 0000 steel wool? i don't want to dull it too much, and i really don't want to sand & refinish with a semi gloss. it actually seems like it might be toning down a little by itself. is that possible?


Re: too glossy

Hi I am glad this is back too.
While by no means am I an expert on refinishing I have done some work on refinishing with polyurethane and while not like varnish at all I have done some comparisons and listened to some of the experts on television to see if I ever would like to use varnish.
You are right in saying by the way that varnish will dull almost immediately which is why it might not be too good for cabinets and another thing it scratches easier than polyurethane so more care needs to be taken. I would suggest if you use steel wool to very lightly wipe the surface of your dresser and then perhaps use something to protect the surface like a beeswax furniture polish if you want a more muted look without too much shine. If not then perhaps a more modern polish. My aunt used to refinish more pieces of furniture than I ever did so she would know more. I know most of the time she used polyurethane as it was a tougher finish than varnish but not really appropriate for older pieces like varnish is. I hope this helps some. Good luck to you and I hope you post some pictures as I am sure many would like to see your work.:)

Re: too glossy

Don't even consider Liquid sandpaper!!!

It's only for temporarily making a surface tackier so paint will hold better. It's POOR 2nd choice compared to actual sanding though.

IMO...I'd just live with the Gloss. From a technical-only standpoint, the-glossier-the-better. The more gloss you have, the smoother and tighter the surface is.
Yes, you could use some steel wool at the risk of tiny swirl-marks. The easiest is to just leave it!


Re: too glossy

I personally would just re-coat the entire piece with one more coat of a duller polyurethane after giving it a scuff sanding with fine sandpaper. This is importnat because urethanes do not like to stick to themselves after being fully cured.

In days gone by, varnish was often first given a coat of gloss varnish followed by a coat of duller varnish. This was done because the gloss varnish tended to be tougher than the duller versions and it made a good base for the duller varnish.

Re: too glossy

here is a picture of finished dresser.
the reason i don't want to sand & recoat is that the dresser is in a 2nd floor bedroom, shop is is basement, & dresser is heavy.
this all clear finish - no stain. i'm not sure about the wood (maybe mahogany?). whenever i sanded it & waited a couple of hours, it would start turning reddish all by itself.
i think i'll just live with the gloss, & maybe thru normal use it will tone down.

thanks for all of your input

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