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Too cold to pour cement?

Weather permiting, I plan to pour my driverway (6" thick, 60 yards) on Wednesday morning, around 7 AM. The forecast is for about 35 F on Tuesday night (and rain), 53 on Wednesday, 30 Wednesday night, 42 on Thursday, and 25 on Thursday night. Wednesday, the day of the pour, is supposed to be partly cloudy and breezy. This is the local news station forecast. I live in S. Louisiana, so the ground is not really cold. Too cold to pour?


Re: Too cold to pour cement?

hmm, if i remember correctly thats just about the freezing point in fahrenheit, not sure though i deal in celcius. slabs can be iffy at that temperature. if you do place the concrete get yourself a insulated tarp and cover it over to keep the frost off it. as its trowled the water will come to the surface and will freeze, this surface water is what will cause issues which can create flaking. besides that the next most important thing i can tell you is DO NOT PUT DOWN SALT !!! to melt snow and ice for the first two months. the calcium in the salt will adversely affect the green concrete and will cause severe flaking. i have seen this happen where people have put down salt on a new slab and it destroyed the finish. the slab had to be jack hammered up and redone

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Re: Too cold to pour cement?

jkirk: Yea, 32F is equal to 0C. So, if the forecast is correct, we will be getting 2 degrees F below freezing. No worries about putting salt down. We usually don't get too cold here in south Louisiana. And, on the rare occasion when it does get that cold and we have snow/sleet/ice, it melts off pretty quickly. I don't think laying insulated tarps is an option due to the size of the driveway which is about 125 feet by 20 feet. I'll probably just have to postpone the pour for a better day.

Re: Too cold to pour cement?

I don't know if it's too late or not for you, but you could likely pour this, however you should cover with blankets to make sure you don't have any problems. However, I'm not sure that a contractor would have blankets down there, as you probably don't have that cold of weather that often.

I've been waiting a month with our weather in Kansas City to get some concrete poured. It looks like we may be getting a warm up and may be able to pour later next week.

Good luck, and let us know how it went.

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