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Tom's Sliding Compound Saw

I was watching the episode where Tom and Kevin are building the MDF panel wall. Tom uses a sliding compound miter saw to cut the angles in in the trim pieces. I think I saw the name Festool on the blade guard, but I can't find it on the Festool web site. I wonder if anyone knows what brand of saw he was using? I'm in the market for a compound miter saw and just am not thrilled with what I have seen so far. I figure anything by Festool has to be good.
Thanks in advance for any info.....


Re: Tom's Sliding Compound Saw

It is a Festool product... the Kapex, and it's made for the professional!! It will run around $1300. That's right folks... over a grand for a chop saw. I saw it in the 2008/2009 catalog and will be coming out later this year. It is suppose to have awesome dust collect. Therefore the professional can use in the house on a project and not have to run outside everytime they have to make a cut... saving time and therefore saving money.

I don't think the Mrs. will be letting me bring that saw home!!

A. Spruce
Re: Tom's Sliding Compound Saw
TimR wrote:

... saving time and therefore saving money.

At that price it had better measure, mark, and make the cuts by itself!

Re: Tom's Sliding Compound Saw

Festool is German, big surprise its so good right?

I'll tell you what, spending $1300 on a sliding compound miter saw that is true and accurate out of the box is fine by me. I will not ruin any pieces of wood and get my work done faster.

Even though I'm not a contractor I would easily consider buying it because I would probably have it for 20 years...

Anyway I just mentioned this in another post. Tom switched to this Festool stuff a few years ago I noticed. I'm sure he gets a HUGE discount or even free tools, the exposure on TOH is huge even though they don't specifically mention it! Also Silva Brothers is a pretty big outfit so they are also a reliable "test bed" for new tool designs etc.


Re: Tom's Sliding Compound Saw

Very good posts...... thanks for it...

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