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toliet woes

hello, i am having a problem with the master toilet upstairs.It seems everytime i flush it ,the water stays in the toilet just spinning without draining.I repalaced the guts inside tank and still no good,Please HELP :(

Re: toliet woes

Toilets flush the bowl contents using Newtonian physics of gravity and venturi suction.

When the handle is tripped, the 1.6 gallons sitting in the tank above the bowl is immediately flushed into the bowl.

This added weight forces the increased bowl contents down the drain producing negative pressure (siphon action).

If there is an air blockage in the vent stack (bird nest, etc.), or the small holes under the bowl lip are clogged, this venturi action is prevented from happening.

Also, a poor flush could occur if there is already water sitting in the 4" soil stack/drain immediately under the toilet, where it goes into the floor.

Remove the tank cover & flush; the tank ball or "flapper valve" at the bottom of the tank should stay open until all the water has exited the tank; if it closes prematurely, adjust; not enough water is getting into the bowl.

Next, fill up a 3 gallon pan with water & dump it all at once into the toilet bowl without flushing the toilet.

The toilet bowl should immediately drain by itself, with the characteristic "flush" sound when the water is gone.

If the water goes right down, the main drain below the toilet is probably open; check the tank for sufficient water height & go to the roof with a flashlight to check that the soil stack is open & enough air is getting in.

Take a piece of coat hanger & clean out the port holes under the lip of the bowl; use a hand-mirror to examine that all the holes are open (these allow a lot of water into the bowl during a flush & clean the bowl, as well.

If you have young children, sometimes they throw a small toy into the toilet (a plastic bracelet, or building block, etc.) that gets lodged in the unseen lower part of the toilet.

A low cost toilet auger (Home Depot/Lowe's) is used to dislodge such items, if all else fails.

The 3rd site below has a "symptom-cause" diagram that should be read first.


Re: toliet woes

hey thanks I will clean the holes in the toilet,and you mentioned to go upon the roof and look at the soil stack,question what is that??I am confused..HELP:(

Re: toliet woes

First Things First:

Remove the tank cover & make sure the flapper valve or ball valve is staying open, allowing all the water to exit the tank during a flush.

The vent stack is the 4" pipe that goes up to the roof to allow air into the drain pipes, so the toilet can flush.

Re: toliet woes

I see now ,oh and the other thing I almost forgot,is that when I flush , the flapper/ball valve stays open and the tank never fills because the flapper does not shut so I have to push up the handle..any clue..Thankx :(

A. Spruce
Re: toliet woes

I'd lay odds that there is something stuck in the goose-neck of the toilet, particularly if the "no flush" happens when you've got solids, but flushes ok when just water.

Adjust the chain on the flapper valve and your "stuck open" should correct itself. Two things here, if the chain is too short, the flapper will have a tendency to not stay open, if the chain is too long, it can wrap itself under the flapper and not let the flapper back down or seat properly. Flush the toilet while watching the flapper and chain will tell you what adjustment to make.

Re: toliet woes

The little metal or plastic chain that connects the toilet handle to the flapper is probably too tight (out of adjustment); the chain can be loosened so the flapper will fall when the water exits.

If that doesn't fix it,
you may have put in the wrong model flapper when you did the parts rebuild; most flappers they sell in the store won't fit all toilet models.

Did you save the old flapper?

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