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Toilet won't take water down

Brand new homeowners here!
Our toilet will not take the water down when flushed. The water swirls in the bowl and the waste will partially go down but the water never empties. If we let the waste sit there after flushing, go away for a while and come back, it will have gone down the pipe.
This is what we've done:
- Replaced the float, flapper, supply line and supply valve
- Cleaned the holes at the top of the bowl where water is delivered from the tank (none of them were blocked)
- Tried to snake the drain.....cheap auger, not really sure it actually went down the pipe

If I pour a container of water in as I flush, the water goes down completely. We cannot smell any sulfur smell either in the bathroom or in the basement. We don't have any problems with our drains, the tub and all sinks in the house drain quickly.

I've read so many things ****** about toilets....I'm at a loss here. What else can I try? The previous owners had two young boys....think something is stuck in there? Do we need to take the whole toilet out and see if there's something in there?

Thanks for any help!

A. Spruce
Re: Toilet won't take water down

Odds are there is something in the neck of the toilet blocking the flow, the most common thing is a toothbrush. A toilet whip may or may not dislodge whatever is in there, since things tend to float, they get trapped in that neck and won't back out on their own, the only recourse is to pull the toilet and turn it upside down.

Pull the toilet, take it out to the yard and turn it upside down, then backflush it with the hose and/or the toilet whip to dislodge whatever is in the neck. Once it's out, reinstall the toilet using a new wax ring. You may also need hold down bolts, so you may want to plan ahead and purchase a new toilet ring that includes the bolts.

Re: Toilet won't take water down

Maybe the flapper is closing too soon. What happens if you hold the handle down? Will it flush when the tank empties further?

Re: Toilet won't take water down

A. Spruce - I was afraid this might be the solution! We'll give it a go, see what we find!

Fencepost - Our flapper actually has a min-max setting. We've set it at max and have also held the handle down.....still doesn't go down.

Thanks so much for all the help!

Re: Toilet won't take water down

Something else to consider is the toilet itself. The earlier 1.6 gallon toilets didn't flush nearly as well as the ones sold today. Some of the cheap old ones barely worked at all even with multiple flushes and a perfect unimpeded drain. If you can't find any blockages and the toilet is over say 15 years old, you might consider a new one; the build date is usually printed inside the tank.

This is a more common problem than you may think- there was a learning curve for the manufacturers when the 1.6 codes were implemented and even the cheapest ones work decently now that they all know how to do it right.


Re: Toilet won't take water down

I'm betting on a Barbie doll head or a dinosaur.

Re: Toilet won't take water down

Things I have found in toilets through the years:
- pens, pencils, crayons.
- dolls and toys.
- straws.
- paper towels and napkins.
- cloth items, small towels.
- coins: pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.
- homework assignments that the dog didn't eat.

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