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Re: Toilet wont flush

You now can eliminate any blockage from the bowl and the drain pipe.

It would seem your problem is in the tank and possibly the rim channel in the bowl not providing enough sudden supply of water to the bowl

The toilet paper that was inside the tank probably has gotten into the fill/overflow tbe and is plugged also the paper probably had made it's way down the hole ( where the flapper covers) and made its way in the the rim channel of the bowl.

You might look down the fill tube to see if a wad of paper is stuck there.

Here's a link to demonstrate how a toilet functions :http://www.howstuffworks.com/toilet1.htm

Re: Toilet wont flush

That's what I thought. I'll try looking there to see if I can spot any paper. Thanks for the website. It's a really useful site.

Re: Toilet wont flush
A. Spruce wrote:

If canuk's idea checks out, the put a few drops of food coloring in the tank and flush again. Then watch the bowl for the colored water to evenly swirl down the sides. If you had toilet paper in the tank and it went through the system, then the holes under the lip of the bowl could be clogged, the colored water will determine if the holes are plugged.

Wow I learned something today thanks Thats cool

Re: Toilet wont flush
Ravens53 wrote:

Wow I learned something today thanks Thats cool

It's a good way of checking for a leaky flapper as well.

Re: Toilet wont flush

Two things that you should check.
1. if there is a Styrofoam or plastic float on the pull chain it may be set to high and doesn't open the flapper long enough. Try holding the handle down when you flush and see it will fluses then. You may just not be getting enough water into the bowl. If there is no float the chain may be to long and not lifting the flapper high enough.

2. In the bottom of the bowl on the front there is a jet hole that provides extra power to the flush check and see if it's block and no or little water is coming out.


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