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Toilet won't drain properly - tried (almost) everything

So I have a toilet that won’t drain correctly. When I flush, the bowl fills normally, but the water just sits there. When I use a plunger, it starts to drain VERY SLOWLY. I’ve used an auger on the toilet and it comes out clean, and the toilet is on the ground floor on the same sewer stack as the toilets above and below (which are both working fine).

Some history: We bought the house end of November, toilet worked fine for a few weeks, then started exhibiting the problem. We plunged and it slowly drained – did this a few times, then went out and bought an auger. Got home, toilet was drained so I flushed it just to fill the bowl up again and it drained PERFECTLY (with no augering). However, a few weeks later the issue started up again and has continued. (Maybe I just need to come home with another auger :p)

Any ideas? I’ve hunted around on the internet, but I still feel like don’t have a lot of knowledge about what’s going on “behind the scenes” in a toilet. Is there something mechanical like a valve or stopper that could be causing this problem? The only other solution I’ve seen is to pull the toilet, but I’d really rather avoid that if at all possible.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Toilet won't drain properly - tried (almost) everything

The Terry Love Plumbing forum is a great resource.

Sounds like you need to pull the toilet and auger. If this happens again I'd get a video scope in there.

Re: Toilet won't drain properly - tried (almost) everything

Pulling a toilet isn't as hard as it might seem. Since that's the only toilet in the stack that's getting stopped up taking the toilet off would certainly be a place to start. Snaking is much more productive with toilet removed. Get a new wax ring when you reinstall.
Ps. No valve or stopper in the drain line. Only in the toilet tank.

Re: Toilet won't drain properly - tried (almost) everything

I'd skip the wax ring and get a SaniSeal which you can use over and over.

Re: Toilet won't drain properly - tried (almost) everything

I agree. Pull the toilet take a close look in the bottom of the toilet. It is fascinating what kids or people try to flush down them. All it takes is a stuck child's toy or other items and the water just swirls on every flush without flushing.

Re: Toilet won't drain properly - tried (almost) everything

some things get stuck in the toilet such as tooth brushes etc, these things go through the toilet only to be jammed up in the s-bend of the toilet. to check for this we flush the toilet with nothing in it. then we flush the toilet with a hand full of toilet paper. if the first goes through but not the second then something is jammed in the toilet. What you do is remove the toilet and take it to some place that you can work on it like the garage. You now back flush the toilet that means sticking a toilet auger or high pressure water hose in the exit of the toilet and trying to flush back to the entrance anything that might be caught inside. I have done this several times in my live and have removed all sort of things that fall into toilet then get flushed down only to jam up inside.

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