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toilet w/flush valve flushes too short

I have had a plumber in 3 times - problem - the flush valve doesn't flush long enough to completely empty the bowel. Even if you hold handle - it still doesn't have the thrust to empty. Bowel is 1938 - the flush valve is about 15 years old - have replaced the blather (leather) - they say it might be the vent on the roof? We do not have any problem anywhere else in house. Other toilet is a tank in the basement. Any suggestions?

Re: toilet w/flush valve flushes too short

Toilets require good air flow in the pipes to work properly. There are a few things to check;

1- take the toilet out and flip it over. Make sure the toilet itself isn't clogged. (easiest)
2- While the toilet is off, check out the drain pipe, making sure it isn't clogged. (moderate)
3- check the vent stack from above the toilet to the sky. Check for clogs. (not hard,but can be a PITA)

Re: toilet w/flush valve flushes too short

After time toilets get a build in the inner parts of the bowl that slows the flow of water from the tank to the bowl, making them to have a slow flush. The way to test this is to dump a large bucket of water directly into the bowl at a fast rate. If it flushes then the problem is a build up in the bowl, not a waste or vent problem.


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