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Toilet & Tub

Lately when we flush the toilet, we get a noise from our tub drain!
The noise is much like when a dishwasher drains and you hear the noise in the sink. Should we be concerned, and how do we fix it?

Re: Toilet & Tub

Typically that indicates there is a blockage in the vent stack.

When the toilet flushes it normally draws the air behind water from the stack.

If there is a blockage in the vent then the air will be drawn from the closest source .... the tub and / or the sink in the bathroom.

Hope this helps.:)

Re: Toilet & Tub

Does this tub get used regularly? Sometimes in tubs that don't get used the trap will dry up and you can get noise coming up throught the drain.

Re: Toilet & Tub

If you can get on your roof with the garden house and let the water run down the vent stack. The vent will be over the area by the bathroom, but it never hurts to do them all. The vent are all connected to drain, so the water will go out through the sewer. If there are any clogs you will find out by the water filling the pipe to the roof. Process of elimanation. Good luck.

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