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Toilet started to back up regularly

Hey all, FNG here. The toilet in my front bathroom has started to plug up on a daily basis when flushing solids. It has had problems in the past but that was maybe once a month. This bathroom backs up to the rear bathroom and the rear bathroom does not have a problem with not going down. They both are the same model of toilet and use a common drain line to the street.

Using a plunger will get it to flush again, but just for a short while. I have used a 3' closet auger on it and had no luck improving the problem. As well, nothing came up when I used the auger.

It has been some time since I reset this toilet. I used one of those wax rings that has the rubber/plastic flanges on the inside diameter of the ring.

I thought that maybe using Charmin/Cottenelle was the problem as it is a thicker paper. So I switched back to Quilted Northern that we had been using before this happened. It still plugs up...
Any Ideas, Suggestions, or an M-80 to fix it???
Thanks, Rick

A. Spruce
Re: Toilet started to back up regularly

There is likely a toy, toothbrush, or other foreign object lodged in the gooseneck of the toilet. I would recommend pulling the toilet and taking it outside where you can turn it upside down and back flush it with a garden hose and possibly your toilet whip to push whatever the obstruction is back out into the bowl.

Good luck, report back:cool:

Part 2 Re: Toilet started to back up regularly

Good news, bad news, good news.

Good news is I found out what the problem was after I pulled up the toilet. My wife's missing ATM card was stuck at the bottom of the bowl just before the wax ring/main drain line. It couldn't get passed the lip and into the main drain, which may or may not have cause more expensive problems... And because it was flat it would just let the Auger go right on by.

Bad new was that the flange on one side is going bad and when I tightened up that bolt it would pop out of the slot. :(

Good news is I got a stainless steel flange ring to sit on top of the old flange and it fixed it. Now I did have to go to Lowe's and buy four different types of repair flanges on New Years Eve and a few other goodies just in case I needed something else when they were closed today. It's good they have a liberal returns policy. ;)

Thanks Mr. Spruce!

A. Spruce
Re: Toilet started to back up regularly

You're welcome for the assistance, glad things worked out for you.

Often times with flanges like that, you can work a new hold down bolt with a washer on it under the flange to get better purchase on what is there. I like to nut the bolts to the flange as well, so that they don't wobble and spin around when I'm trying to set the toilet. To make that more clear, you've got the hold down bolt, washer, flange, washer, nut. Set the toilet then install a second washer/nut to keep the toilet in place. It's far easier to set a toilet this way, as well as when it comes time to pull the toilet again, you'll be able to get the nuts off without cutting the bolts because they're spinning around.

Anyway, glad you got it worked out. :cool:

Re: Toilet started to back up regularly

I thought about adding a washer too, but the plastic flange only has enough room for the oblong bolt head to fit in the slot.
I do like your idea of locking down the bolt to the flange before setting the toilet.

A. Spruce
Re: Toilet started to back up regularly

You can usually get a washer to feed in there if you slide it in sideways. Usually. You can also cut one side of the washer down so that it slides in, then when you get the bolt into place, make sure the washer turns for full purchase on the flange.

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