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toilet stains

My wife and I have built a home in the mountains of Western Maryland with the materials from two log buildings from 1790. It is beautiful, easy to heat, and very homey.
The problem is stains in our toilet bowls that are almost impossible to remove. Our well water had some iron and sulfur that we have corrected with the appropriate and somewhat expensive filter systems.

What can we use to safely remove the stains and not harm to our septic system? Plumbers up here have told us some things to try, but none have worked. Do your experts have any thoughts on this matter? We are desperate at this time to find a solution.

I thank you in advance for any ideas you may have.
Sincerely yours,
Neal Redmond
11601 Ziegler RD SE
Hancock, MD 21750

Re: toilet stains

I too live in a log home with a well. I have found two things that work very well. Easy-Off oven cleaner, cold formula in the yellow can works better than any toilet bowl cleaners. Spray it on and let it sit for two to three hours. I usually turn off the water to the toilet and use the plunger to lower the water level a little, then dry to bowl above the waterline before spraying it on. Despite the claims on the can, I wear a face mask to avoid the fumes and then clean the bowl after with a blue or white scotch bright pad. Wear rubber gloves.

If the build up is too great for that, you can repeat, but if you don't have the patience to repeat the process, then get a decal sc****r from your local auto parts store. I recommend getting a good one and not the cheap plastic one, it will be worth the investment. These use a single edge razor blade. The razor blade is flexible and will follow the contours of the bowl. Any mineral build up will come right off and it will not scratch the surface of the bowl. The bowl will look brand new.

Over the years, I have replaced two of my toilets with American Standard Champion toilets. They have a coating on them that they claim will resist stains, and after 4-5 years, it appears that these claims are true. But now, after this time, there is a very slight build up that is just starting to become visible and I'm afraid to clean them like I do the other toilet because I do not want to damage the surface. I think I will e-mail them for suggestions and see what they say.

For more info, check this thread out


It is in the Bathrooms section of this forum.

Re: toilet stains


Thanks for the suggestions. In thinking about the process, my concern is if the oven cleaner stuff sprayed on the bowl will hurt the good bacteria in my septic system, once it's flushed. I'd hate for something bad to happen down below. :( Has this been an issue with you?


Re: toilet stains

Your not using that much. I only do this when the stains build up. a daily brushing helps keep them down, but they do build up eventually. You can always add a little rid-x afterward if you want.

Re: toilet stains

You might want to try Barkeepers Friend on the stains.

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