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toilet refill problem

My upstairs toilet does not refill properly. It will flush okay, but when it goes to refill the water pressure sounds low, and the toilet does not fill. At first I thought it was the flap not catching properly so I replaced it, however it still does not work. If I turn the water supply to the toilet off, and then back on, I hear more of an appropriate pressure and the toilet will refill properly. Any suggestions?

Re: toilet refill problem

Try taking the top of the fill valve off and running some water through there. Probably just has some debris in it.

Re: toilet refill problem

Turn the water off so the tank is empty,pour or spray some peroxide or (Bleach 50/50 H20) in the fill tube and tank guts. It will loosen and kill any bacteria inside.

Re: toilet refill problem

If you have an old house with galvanized steel supply pipes then that is your problem. The typical supply pipe is half inch and if it is galvanized then it is almost totally clogged with calcification. I've had to bypass several of my toilet supply pipes in my 97 year old apartment building because of this problem. The way I notice it is the same problem you are having. The water pressure is so low it won't resupply the tank fast enough to hold the flapper down. Replumbing a cold water supply line is the only solution if the problem is not in the fill valve.

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