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Toilet makes horrible noise

Sometimes my toilet makes a horrible noise after it's already been flushed and the water has stopped filling (and I've washed my hands and left the bathroom.) It's not a sighing or wooshing; it sounds like it's the pipes in the wall making a loud screeching sound. It's rather disconcerting. If I flush the toilet, everything goes back to normal and everything in the tank looks normal. This can go months without happening, but when happening, can happen once every few days. Would it be sediment in the tank that is causing this?

Re: Toilet makes horrible noise

It is probably in your toilets ballcock or in the stop that isolates the water supply to the toilet. it is a form of waterhammer. R.T. did a seg. on ask toh.

Re: Toilet makes horrible noise

I have a similar problem with a Kohler K3402. Every time the toilet fills there is a horrible screeching sound for the duration of the tank fill. Just replaced the ballcock plunger and the noise only dissapated slightly. You can hear it all over the house. Please advise. Thanks.

Re: Toilet makes horrible noise

I think it is the comonation of the toilet supply and the water house pressure comming into the toilet tank. Try turning down the angle stop supplu from wide open to 1/2 open. Think of a "water whistle" going through your toilet fill. Process of elimanation. Good luck.

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