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Toilet leak under base, underneath linoleum tile as well!

Hello. This being our first house, we are unsure what to do in this situation. Our toilet is leaking at the base which we have figured may be a wax seal problem, but it is also underneath the linoleum. This is a basement toilet against the back wall of the house. We just sprayed down the back of the house and noticed this seeping in. We have noticed leakage on 3 occasions recently, all due to heavy rain, etc. Not sure where to begin here, please help!

Re: Toilet leak under base, underneath linoleum tile as well!

This doesn't sound like the toilet's the problem; even if the wax seal was bad, it would only leak when the toilet was actually flushed.

It sounds like water is seeping in thru the foundation; your spraying the back wall seems to verify this.

The first step in trying to stop water leaks is to do less labor-intensive measures first.

You can extend & divert the downspouts of the roof gutters so the water doesn't collect near the wall.

You can also pitch the soil near this wall AWAY from the foundation at an angle several inches so that the water is encouraged to flow away from the wall.

Try these measures first to see if there is any improvement.

Continue to use the garden hose to test to see if your remedies have had the desired effect.

The site below illustrates other methods that are more labor-intensive or more expensive if the simpler methods don't work.

The diagram is a compendium of all the different techniques often used.

A sump pump is sometimes installed as a less expensive way to get the water out of the basement.

More expensive is to excavate dirt down the outside of the wall, install a drain tile at the wall base (or unclog the one already there, if one exists), seal any cracks in the wall & replace the excavated dirt.

There's nothing to prevent you from approaching any of this as a diy project, but first VERIFY where the water is coming in & try the less expensive methods first.

Also Google such phrases as "wet basement remedies", "repairing leaky basement", "leaky basement", etc, to better understand how to attack the problem.


Re: Toilet leak under base, underneath linoleum tile as well!

Thanks for your response. Now I have another question: What kind of damage could this have already done? It is supposedly a new problem because on our disclosure agreement the sellers "knew" of no seepage or leaking in the basement.


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