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toilet help, checked everything

i'm at my wits end and ready to call the plumber. our toilet flushes, but doesn't suck down right away. the water inside slowly goes down. ocassionally, a good full flush will go down and we hear gurrgling sounds in the sink and tub. we have plunged and snaked the toilet. we have pulled the toilet up and inspected from the bottom. we snaked the drain pipe in the floor when the toilet was up. i quickly poured a bucket of water down the drain in the floor and it went down quick and didn't clog. and finally today, i went up on the roof and checked the vent and it looks clear for as far as i can see. i don't know what's left to do. the toilet still does not flush properly. any ideas?

Re: toilet help, checked everything

Try pouring a bucket of water directly into the bowl. If it goes down as quickly as when you poured it directly into the drain, then there is a problem with the flow of water getting into the bowl from the tank. If it doesn't flow quickly like pouring directly into the drain, then there is a blockage in the toilet - something that snaking and pulling the toilet and checking from below did not reveal.

If you decide to replace the toilet, I have had good success with using Toto toilets.

Hope this helps.

Re: toilet help, checked everything

The gurgling sounds from the tub and sink sound like something other than a toilet function problem, and so will ask........did the "successful" pour down the drainpipe also produce these sounds?

If so, it sounds as if you likely have either a drain obstruction or a venting problem yet. Snaking a drainpipe won't necessary clear the obstruction. If the obstruction is comprised of soft material, then the snake can pole a hole in it (which you may not even feel it pass thru) and then that little hole can close right up again as the soft material collapses on it.

Got any kids around the place?........who may have flushed something they shouldn't have?

Re: toilet help, checked everything

thanks for the replies.

there is no blockage in the toilet, we replaced the toilet yesterday. my wife was unhappy with the toilet we had, so this was the perfect opportunity to replace it anyway.

the successful pour down the drainpipe did not produce the gurrgling sounds. no kids, so no mischievious flushing.

is it possible that something is stuck in the vent pipe further than i can see? can i run a snake the whole way down the vent pipe without causing more problems?

i think it's an unsolved mystery

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