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Toilet has plummer baffled

Our tooilet has been acting funny for about 6 months. THe bowl fills up with each flush and then slowly drains. We had one plumming company come out and they augered the drain twice. The toilet worked for a few days then started acting up again. After they came out the second time, it stopped working that day. My father and I tried to check the vent pipe. We ran water down the pipe and got nothing. A second plummer came out and suggested replacing the stool itself. We pulled off the old stool and put the new on. Same kind of flush problem. We used a hand auger and found roots in the drain. The second plummer came out and augered the drain. After replacing the stool, the toilet flushed the same way. The plummer said something was syphoning the water out of the bowl put had no idea what it could be. Please help me.

Re: Toilet has plummer baffled

THe bowl fills up with each flush and then slowly drains.

The plummer said something was syphoning the water out of the bowl put had no idea what it could be.

Okay. I'm confused by those two statements. Can't tell for sure if you're saying that the toilet doesn't evacuate properly when flushed...... or that the normal standing water in the bowl escapes/disappears all by itself. ?? Or both??

If the former (toilet doesn't evacuate properly).......

Sewer or septic system?

If septic....how long since the tank has been pumped? ......and how old are the drainfields?

Regardless of sewer or septic........if you had roots in the drainpipe, then it's quite possible that the pipe has a huge hole in it or has collapsed. If so.....augering it might temporarily/momentarily open it up, but dirt/mud could readily fall back into the pipe; perhaps immediately.

It might be time to send a camera down the line.

If the latter...then it's time to suspect a clogged vent stack....again. What's the diameter of this vent pipe? 3", 4" or maybe just 1 1/2 - 2" ? How much water did you pour down the vent? You need to pour/inject enough into that pipe to more or less fill its entire capacity. A gallon or two isn't going to tell you anything of signifigant value unless the clog is within a couple feet of the top of that vent stack. If you stick a hose down there and let it run a few minutes you'll get more useful info. But before you do that, I'd get a helper to stand by the toilet just in case the water should start backing up into the bowl as you wouldn't want to create flood in the bathroom. Make sure you and the helper have easy verbal contact with one another during the process.

Or first try sending the hose itself down the vent stack without even turning the water on. If it goes the entire vertical height to the toilet (or farther) without hitting an obstruction, odds are the stack is clear. Measure distance from top of stack to toilet height first and put a piece of tape around the hose so you know when the hose has traveled that far. (Passing a hose down the pipe won't work if this is a smaller sized pipe and there are any elbows involved. It also may not work if the pipe is 3" or 4" and there are any elbows involved)

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