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Toilet Gurgle

I have a two story rowhouse and recently the basement toilet gurgles when the uptairs toilet is flushed. I had the main snaked to the street as I encountered a complete back up in the basement toilet a year ago due to roots. Though they removed some roots, the toilet gurgled as soon as they left. The basement toilet is between the stack and the street and the upstairs toilet is off the stack along with the sink and tub (which drains slowly btw). At no other time do I encounter this problem (kitchen/washer drain fine and are located before the stack). Is this possibly a vent problem (my vent shaft ends in an enclosed skylight so I can't imagine what could be clogging it) or was the snake not thorough enough? Thanks

Re: Toilet Gurgle

There is a vent in the skylight but it is covered by a grate - in other words the gas can escape but birds, leaves etc cannot enter. Thanks

Re: Toilet Gurgle

It would really blow your mind, and the architects too, as to what can get past a screen or grate. This includes bugs and mice.

The gurgle indicates pressure changes, either forcing air up or sucking it in. That vent needs looked at.

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