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toilet drain hole distance

sorry, but i know its been asked before , im putting a toilet in my basement and want to know how far off the wall should i put the waste drain(where the waxring goes). is there a standard lenght??:rolleyes:

Re: toilet drain hole distance

The "standard" toilet requires that the center of the toilet flange (the hold-down bolts) are located 12" from the finished wall surface. (Ignore the thickness of any baseboard,etc. It's only the *finished* wall surface that matters so that the toilet's tank with lid has enough room to fit.)

Consequently.....if you have only studs in place at this time and know that 1/2" drywall will be added over those.......you'd want your center at 12 1/2" from those studs/sole-plate of the wall. It's also critical that both bolt-hole centers are the same distance from the wall so that the toilet/toilet tank will be parallel to the wall. IOW, be careful that the flange isn't rotated out of parallel to the wall.

If you have only studs in place, intend to put up 1/2" drywall or backer board plus ceramic tile......don't forget to allow for the thickness of those tiles.

Toilets are also readily available in 10" center and 14" center......if you should need one of those for some reason. However, these "alternates" will cost a bit more than a 12"-center toilet.

Re: toilet drain hole distance

thanks that helped alot!!!!

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