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Toilet bowl: Sinking level of water

Since I fixed the intermittent running of my toilet (which turned out to be dirt around the seal of the flapper) a new problem has shown up. The toilet bowl fills to an adequate level after flushing (although lower then I remember) but quickly sinks down about an inch or more below that level and then stops. Any ideas?

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Re: Toilet bowl: Sinking level of water

Back on your valve seat thread I mentioned a web site called toiletology.

You should visit it. This page in particular (scroll down to the last Question & answer on this page just above the ads): http://www.toiletology.com/frequent.shtml

But before I went off looking at clogged vents, I'd check the tube because that's no effort other than lifiting the tank lid and could easily have been dislodged during your cleaning the seat of the debris you had before. Then I'd check things after two flush cycles because the first would be deficient already.

If you notice no delays with the flush on the second cycle and still low levels in the bowl, then go ahead with the bucket test, but if you do have a delay you may have a clog or partial snag in the trapway.

Also make sure your toilet isn't rocking now after your previous activity. Then proceed with the rest of the analysis.


Re: Toilet bowl: Sinking level of water

Thanks for the advice and the website. I watched the tank fill and there was no diversion of water from the tube. The problem seems to have partly resolved itself. The water only sinks a little after flushing. I wonder if the super cold weather could have affected something. Anyway for now it's OK and I'll try the bucket test if it starts sinking low again.

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