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Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?
HistoricSigns wrote:

+1 for TOH DVD sets. But where does the problem lie?

I understand and share the frustrations, but please consider the following:

1. the TOH people are decent folks. Expert in their fields and in articulating the work they are doing.

2. They all seem to be nice people too - obviously the public only sees a small portion of their lives, but what we see is consistently caring, human and warm.

3. The program has a near-fanatical following, together with adherents and casual viewers, all of whom in my experience, consider the show to be of the highest standards. (yes I know we at times complain about certain aspects of programs etc. but in relative terms, which show comes even close?)

4. In Australia at least, we 'buy' the shows through PAYTV therefore distribution rights may be tied up by a third party. The same 'may' be the case in the USA - I don't know.

5. If as I suspect, the rights to distribute the shows are constricted, (and possibly 'owned' by different parties) it may be that TOH's success is also it downfall when it comes to producing it on DVD/Blu ray etc. By this I mean that BIG BUSINESS (PAYTV companies etc.) may be preventing the TOH team from producing older series on disc because they're still raking in the bucks by airing it .... This however seems at odds with the fact that the show was available on crappy old VHS for years. Mind you, a crappy copy of a great show is still a great show .... a razor sharp copy of a crap show is still ... well you know what I mean.

6. Production costs money and it may be too large a percentage of the show's revenues to gain agreement by whatever committee decides such things.

All that aside, the near-total lack of any kind of response from the program owners is I think, pretty disrespectful of those people who are their most dedicated fans and the people who unceasingly promote it to any poor mug willing to listen!

There may be no simple explanation, but to-date I do not recall any at all. It matters less to me because in Australia at least, it is legal to copy programs for personal use, so this is precisely what I have done - onto DVD, series-by-series and packaged into cases, stored in my reference library here at home. I refer to them regularly and continue to benefit from the great show that it is .... but the INSTANT two of the seasons were available on DVD many years ago - I BOUGHT TWO SETS OF EACH! They sold out very quickly I believe.

I love TOH - Hate the stranglehold Big Business in Australia has over its distribution (we get one season, once a year - no oldies etc. no ASK TOH, and no NEW YANKEE...)

We do however get endless reruns of 60 minute makeover, where people fly into a house and tart it up in an hour, with the absolutely pathetic, paper-thin results one would expect.

Oh well .... life goes on, but it would be made better if I could get high quality digital versions of the series, complete with menus and special features to show me more detail and where to buy stuff .... surely people would pay handsomely for that .... I know I would!


Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

people bob vila is the reason why this old house will never ever be on dvdthe first 10 years that vila hosted he has the copyright on and since he was fired he will never let that happen the second host steve thomas has copyright on his tens on this old house the only hope is that kevin o'connor the host now let's his projects are released on dvd for us to enjoy but really i want the first 10 on dvd that's the best

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

ok so im new here and a new fan to TOH but was wondering if anyone knows where to wtahc old seasons of TOH ive only seen the newer episodes... :(:confused:

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

One more vote for DVD sets! Or if not DVD sets, make them available (for puchase) ****** or on the app. Planning on buying my first home soon, and would love to watch the seasons I missed, the Santa Barbara craftsman and the West Palm Beach mediterranean, as those could give me information specific to the types of houses I'm likely going to encounter.

A few people in this thread mention that it could be due to hosts disagreeing... but Bob Vila left the show in 1989, according to Wikipedia. I would be just happy to get the seasons from the past 12 years. Wouldn't some of the older stuff be out of date, in terms of building codes and materials and such? AT least for some parts, I'm sure the oldtimey restoration techniques never go out of style.

If they released them on DVD, they could charge more.
If they released them in a digital format, they could include ads and get revenue two ways, from the sale and the advertising.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Here to cast my vote for complete season DVDs!

Probably old news but I see that I can buy the complete New Yankee Workshop on DVD for $3000... Not cheap but if I was a wealthy man I would buy it in a heartbeat!

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I just finished digitizing two seasons from VHS copies purchased on eBay, Watertown and Billerica. A few years back, I found a VHS copy of the Manchester season on eBay, and digitized that too. I'm always looking for more seasons to add to my collection, but these VHS copies are getting harder and harder to find; and, I've never seen a DVD set, so as far as I'm concerned they never existed. ;)

On average, these three seasons cost me about US$75 each, not counting shipping. I obviously would be happy to pay this much for new DVD issues of old seasons, or even current ones. Heck, if there's any new old stock VHS seasons sitting in a WGBH warehouse somewhere, I'd be happy to pay these prices for those, too. Anything for more This Old House.

Also, if anyone has old VHS seasons and wants them digitized, I would be happy to do it, and send the tapes and digital files back, just for the chance to watch them during the digitizing process. Just get in touch. :)

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I'd like to see all the seasons on DVD as well. Thanks to all the other people that are making the effort to make this happen.

A. Spruce
Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?


Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?


Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?



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