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Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I too would love to acquire old seasons and can't believe these are not available on DVD or for download/streaming. I am especially interested the Brooklyn brownstone project.

Bob The Cartoonist - Please do let fellow fans know how we might be able to obtain copies. I am sure fans of TOH would be willing to reward you for your efforts.


Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I'm writing from British Columbia, Canada. I too would very much like to be able to purchase _any_ season DVDs of TOH and Ask TOH.

Something is better than nothing.

I also registered here just to add my voice to this thread.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I'm very surprised to learn that I can't get the Carlisle project on DVD. I came here because I just heard of the project. As a new owner of an old barn, I have a lot to learn about improving the foundation and structure. I'm bummed that I missed this series, but I was but a city renter at the time!

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Just joined,here is my 2 cents..hey people at toh,quit screwing around,what ever money or legal problems you have,get it taken care of already!
You have thousands of loyal fans that want toh,atoh,on dvd!!
If it wasn't for your fans thiese shows would not exist!
So please it's time to say thank you to the fans,and put thies shows on dvd's........oh,if you could ask norm to put his show on dvd that would be great....thanks..73's..

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Wow! I posted the original message way back in 2007 (over 3 years ago!) and it's still receiving comments (what an honor!).

And still 3 years later, no dvds. :confused:

What a shame! I grew up on the show (as I know the majority of viewers did as well) and hopefully the "people that be" will come to their senses, and start releasing TOH season sets.

Reading all of these comments, I am so glad that I'm not alone!

And to go along with other sentiments, if you pass by this site looking for TOH dvds, join the forum and post your comments as well! The more people that comment, the better the odds are that someone will get the ball rolling and someday (hopefully soon!) we'll live to see TOH on DVD!

And what happened to the TOH store? I remember buying TOH t-shirts (including a bright-yellow Silva Brothers shirt) from this here site. But it appears they don't have a store anymore. Come on TOH! You're missing out on a huge market of people wanting dvd season sets, clothing, etc.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

If there are any facebook users out there...please consider joining a page I set up for just this cause.

I called it "Please Release This Old House Complete Season DVD Sets" which I think pretty much sums up all of our feelings.

It's located at:


Thank you!! :)

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Just to let folks know: I bought two sets each of the only factory made TOH DVD seasons back a couple years ago now. Anyway, I bought the second set for a pal who now wants to sell them. From memory at the time they cost around $80 or $120 delivered to me in Australia.

They are: the Carlisle Season - 25th anniversary and Concord/Bermuda. As stated, both sets are FACTORY made ... not bootleg ... not pirate .... not copies .... and NOT recordings from TV. These are box sets, purchased during the few weeks that TOH offered a handful of sets for sale. I can only surmise that they did this to test the market or something and I have NO idea why they wouldnt absolutely want to clean up financially by offering more seasons for sale on DVD or even Blu-Ray ... I'd happily pay say $69.99 per set and sign up for 'em all, especially if they included behind the scenes footage, hints and tips and supplier contacts etc.

Anyway, if there is someone out there in TOH land who wants these sets, let me know at [email protected] - price is $200 per set.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Why does not release the This Old House via the Internet or ITunes as free downloads.

The release in the UK is intermittent at best

allen wood works
Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

i have been a member here and a semi regular poster for a few years now and somehow just found this thread.

i can not say emphatically enough how much i would LOVE to be able to purchase full seasons/episodes as well and would buy all seasons from host Kevin on given the opportunity.
TOH has been a huge part of my weekends for over a decade now and is one of the main reasons i look forward to fall/winter.
It is also the only show on television that i record regularly and will schedule my social and work life around.
I cant explain how deeply this show touches me and how much of a huge part of my life it has been, i would love to be able to 're live' those times in the future and at my whim.
Please powers that be, i implore you, find this thread and MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!

@irationdan, i joined your group on FB as well.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I joined just to put in my 2 cents. I'd love to see TOH Season DVD Sets. I started watching the show in 1986. However, because the job I had at the time required quite a bit of international travel, I missed a number of episodes. Not only would I like to see the episodes that I missed, I would like to see some of the "early projects" again. My local PBS stations never rebroadcast projects that are more than a year old. In an earlier post I saw that projects used to be for sale at $50.00 per season but they didn't sell. I believe if they lowered the price a bit-say to $30.00 per season they would sell. Perhaps a portion of the proceeds could be donated to local PBS stations that are having trouble raising funds.

I hope somebody from This Old House Ventures sees these postings and makes the DVDS a reality.


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