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Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I've taped every year and have them on VHS. I discovered the show in the middle of Season Two. I started taping at the start of Season Three. Fortunately they repeated Season One and I got it. Now I'm only missing Season Two. I'd buy all the DVDs in a heartbeat though. I have a DVD burner and I'm going to burn all of the tapes to DVDs. If they won't make DVD sets maybe I should burn copies for eveybody at cost!?

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Hi Bob The Cartoonist and welcome to the forum. Like most of us here, we'd love to buy complete TOH seasons on DVD if they were available. People here have been tremendously helpful and friendly in my own search for historical recordings of these brilliant shows. Anyway, I couldn't find how to post you a private message so here will have to do - I am in the process of creating a series of DVD covers for these series so please let me know and I'd be pleased to provide those for you if it helps. I can be reached at [email protected]

BTW everyone, I have here numerous seasons of TOH on ORIGINAL PROPRIETARY VHS tapes. As I know you'd all appreciate, I paid a small fortune for some of the rarest seasons and had no intention of reselling them, but as some of you know, the bushfires in our region in February (Kilmore, Victoria, Australia) resulted in the loss of our business so I have gathered them together to prepare them for sale on eBay next month. So, look out for them or contact me for a list....same email as above.

Thanks folks and thanks again to all those who have helped me in the past ... if we work together, we will ensure a record is maintained of this brilliant show, even if the producers refuse to assist us, or even give us the courtesy of an explanation as to why they are unable to take probably several hundred thousands of our dollars (or more) for DVD sets of the show.



Please read

I have been searching around on the internet for a half hour to try and find where to purchase DVD's of the entire seasons. That searching brought me to this thread. I signed up for this forum just so I can contribute to this one thread. I can't understand why these episodes are not available. I can go to Best Buy and get complete seasons of Sienfield from 20 years ago, how is this different?

I can't honestly say that I was going to buy every season today, but I had my credit card out to buy the Manchester season and Dick Silva's house and would have paid $100 for each season on DVD. I'm sure more seasons would have followed. This just really surprising to me.

I would love to know why they aren't available, but I'm sure we will never be told why. Hopefully at some point logic will prevail and we will be able to purchase these DVD's. In the meantime I think all we can do is contribute to this thread and let our demand be known.

I can see that as of today this thread has almost 10,000 views and only 34 replies. I encourage all who stumble across this thread as I did while searching for TOH DVD's, register and reply so that our wishes are heard. I think that is the best we can do. This forum is pretty easy to register to.

Good luck to us


Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Hi Pat

The only seasons produced onto DVD are: Carlisle and Bermuda/Concord. these sets lasted minutes before being sold out.

I have several seasons on original VHS that will be coming up in a week or so on eBay if no one snaps them up beforehand. send me a private message if you're interested in them.

Most TOH fans would probably pay $35-$55 per season and buy the whole lot over time so it seems odd that not only there are no seasons for sale, but that the TOH staff refuse to even respond to requests, with anything other than a "corporate answer" ... I think we all know what I mean! Doing the math doesn't make any more sense, when you consider at the low end purchase of a complete season-set would earn the copyright owners more than a grand each.

Seinfeld may be different because it was created for primarily commercial reasons and I suspect TOH wasn't really done that way. It may also be as has been suggested, that one or more of the copyright holders refuses to allow them to be produced, but that seems terribly mercenary. Finally, I guess it may be because someone fears that DVD sales might erode sales of their show around the world. Who knows!!!!??? Norm Abram seems to have no trouble selling (at outrageous price) The New Yankee Workshop on DVD, so.... and now that the show is to end, it may be that his recordings are worth even more money!

As you say - perhaps logic will prevail - more likely, money will.

As you may have seen, I am in Australia and love the show - we suffered the worst natural disaster in our nation's history this year with the loss through fire, of thousands of homes. The mega-corporation-builders are coming into our country communities (we live 4 minutes from where the fires started) and telling people they can't rebuild in period style but instead must go with modern brick veneer buildings, with aluminium windows and so forth.... This is totally untrue but people are terrified and remain in shock, even after 8 months.

For people who loved their old homes, TV shows like THIS OLD HOUSE go along way in helping them remain committed to their dreams of not only returning to "a" home, but to something with the rich warmth that only an old home (or very convincing reproduction) can offer. Unfortunately, the show only airs once a year in Australia and of course it is illegal to record and distribute copies of the show, so many folks miss out on the shows altogether - DVD sets would solve this immediately.

Anyway, enough of my ravings .... everyone knows how I feel and now you do too! Sorry for the sermon.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

As an international viewer (Brit) I'd love to be able to get the seasons on DVD. We infrequently get the show on our satellite channels, but this has decreased in recent years as home grown efforts have replaced. TOH has given me some great ideas for my own renovation project which is nearing completion (even if some of the restorations are more of a "knock down and rebuild"). The differences in techniques (and building codes) are as fascinating as the similarities.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Bob the Cartoonist, how is your burning project coming along? Would be interested to know the outcome and your proposal... nzbwilby a|t googlemail [.dot.] c0m.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Very nice post with a ton of informative information. I really appreciate the fact that you approach these topics from a stand point of knowledge and information
instead of the typical “I think” mentality that you see so much on the internet these days.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Well we are up to over 10,500 views on this thread, but still only a few replies.

C'mon people, if you stumble across this thread while searching for TOH DVD's to purchase, take a couple minutes and register to this forum and post how you feel about the fact that TOH complete seasons are not available to purchase on DVD.

The fact is that they are not currently available, and all we have is this thread to say how we feel about that.

I would love to have 10,500 replies to this thread instead of just 10,500 views. That may just send a message to the "powers that be."

Incidentally, I was able to purchase the entire Manchester house box set on VHS complete and unopened on Ebay (6 tapes = 25 episodes.) So complete seasons were out there at one time, why not re-release them on DVD?

If you wish TOH complete seasons were available on DVD, and you went searching for them on the internet but instead stumbled across this thread, then please register and reply to this thread so we can let our wishes be known.

If you are already registered please bump this thread to the top.


Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. Thank you for all the information.

mike c
Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I have joined the Discussion to add my voice, hoping to persuade the powers that be, to make DVDs available to UK viewers. It seems UK TV channels have no interest in showing TOH.
The last project was the Concorde Cottage five or six years ago. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

The same applies to TNYW (almost).


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