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Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Can't agree more. And I can confirm that there a plenty of people down here in Australia who would happily buy the DVDs, especially as we didn't get TOH until a few years back. There must be some way that this can be made to happen.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Hi again from Australia. (Steve - [email protected]) - Designers of Fine Period Interiors

Some Forum members may recall that I too have tried but never received any answers from the producers of TOH regarding the possibility of the entire series being released onto DVD.

In my frustration I've been tracking down and buying seasons on VHS as they become available because I am just so keen to get hold of them ... they are a constant inspiration. I guess I should resell the sets back through eBay as I have them all backed up onto DVD, but I like knowing I have the 'original' sets here just in case. I paid up to $200US for seasons and most recently paid $72 for a two tape set of Tuscon Arizona, which was brilliant... I have watched it twice so far.

By the way, TOH did release two complete seasons on DVD, both of which I purchased immediately and were sold out within a couple of weeks. They were: Carlisle and Bermuda/Concord. So, I don't know why they shelved the idea - DVD sales don't negatively impact cable viewing negatively, if the stats are to be believed.

Anyway, over the years I have accumulated through swaps, purchases and the great kindness of others, most seasons from the start. I am most grateful for the help this show provides and still feel it is the best-of-breed, along with the UK program Grand Designs.

I am still chasing good copies of several seasons but I am narrowing the gap!

A 'new' season of TOH begins tonight in Australia on cable/satellite at 7pm and I will be watching and recording it of course. I think it will be the 2008 MA. House.

Anyway, enough sermonising .... I really just wanted to add my voice again, to the countless others who would dearly love to have all the shows available on DVD - and NOT like how our beloved NORM ABRAM's producers do it, by charging $20 for a single episode!

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

ALERT: For anyone interested, there is a set of Nantucket for sale on ebay - Buy Now for only $65 - that's 4 tapes so probably 26 shows .... do the maths and that's a steal.

I paid around $200 for this season a year ago. If anyone has old seasons on VHS please let me know - I have a bunch but am still looking for quite a few that I don't have, or that are from TV and very low quality.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I'm getting sick of this. I've been a fan since the show started. I would buy every season once it became available on DVD. If this is truly about the "royalties" for Bob Vila, Steve Thomas, Norm Abrams, Tom Silva, and the rest of the gang I say shame on them...work it out children. They've all reaped huge rewards from doing the show...give it all to charity...Habitat For Humanity or whatever. I'm starting to get the feeling that they've gone elitist on us and have forgotten who made them celebrities in the first place.

Whoever is controlling the show is doing a poor, poor job. I live in LA, one of the biggest TV markets in the country and I can't find the new project on TV anywhere. KCET seems to have abandoned the whole franchise including Ask This Old House & The New Yankee Workshop. KOCE is in deep financial trouble and are in perpetual beg-a-thon mode. Good luck getting any info from their respective websites too. DIY Network does show reruns but they're of the same frickin projects over & over & over again. At least when HGTV had the series they showed reruns from every era.

I miss the older shows...Bob Vila trudging through the snow, complaining about a messy jobsite and always bitchin about the cost of things, The pumpkin house...how many of you remember the pumpkin house and the Summer Beam disaster.

Anyway...that's my rant, I'm sure it won't do any good. Maybe we should organize a massive letter writing campaign or start a website called ThisOldHouseSucksCauseItIgnoresItsFans.com

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Ditto my surprise and disappointment.

Come on guys, this is a no brainer!

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I came here hoping to buy as many seasons as were available as I only saw one available on Amazon.com but was shocked that there were none. I love the show and have gleaned a lot o DIY knowledge from it over the years. In fact i am a fan of a lot of PBS shows, but maybe we all need to start pushing for PBS to go commercial instead of publicly supported. The politicians want to yank the funding for it anyway saying it's past its time now that there are TV stations available to everyone for free in addition to cable and satellite. Tell me which of the networks on free tv airs programs like TOH. None it's all potty humor cartoons and a bunch of old broads sleeping with as many guys as they can. PBS should be commercial and continue it's programming so that we all have access to shows that only show on channels like HGTV and DIY network. Don't get me wrong I love those too I have a 2 terabyte Tivo series 3 full of my favorites and more on my computer, but enough is enough put TOH and ATOH on DVD!

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?


I cannot believe they haven't released these on DVD - they would have a HUGE audience for the sets, and I would caution them that the audience will actually diminish the longer they wait to release, as I doubt any of the younger generation will be big fans since they did not grow up with the show.

I really want the older series - I know that everything is "green" now and all and Pex is king but I rather prefer to watch Tommy and Norm practicing their true craft instead of 20 minute long lectures about how to recycle toilet paperr into engineered I-beams. Not very PC I know but if I want that stuff there are a billion other shows I can watch.

Does anyone know what season it was where they toured a tudor mansion/estate that someone had restored completely? That was one of my favorite segments.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

for all the TOH fans out there... embarking on a curbside photography road trip
of the New England Projects this weekend!

using the iPhone for real time updates

follow along at http://www.thisoldhouseroadtrip.wordpress.com

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

This has come up frequently over the years. I'm guessing
there are issues related to the various hosts getting royalties
(especially since Bob Vila left under less than ideal circum-
stances). Time Warner (I think) owns the show. I can't believe
it's that tough to burn DVDs and sell them. I have a feeling
lawyers are involved. I'd also like them to have a show with
out-takes from each project, perhaps with more behind-the-scenes
commentary (like they did with the Manchester project). That
would stimulate even more sales. And what about the TOH-branded
items they used to sell?

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Please release more seasons on DVD I would buy them all immediately!!! please!!! I would even buy the VHS tapes but can not find them. This show is the best!


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