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kreg mcmahon
Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

i do not think that they can put them on dvd yet, they have to repeat the shows another 25 times first !!!!!

but I would buy some of the season also. I dvr them all the time and my dvr always has about 20 eposodes on it at one time that I can watch over and over again

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I also record TOH and Ask TOH, and would love the seasons on DVD. But what I am really looking for is DVD's of the past TOH magazines, I presently have a few years worth taking up shelf space. I decided last night that these magazines aren't really doing what they should, they aren't really organized, I don't have an index of what is in each (short of opening it and looking at the TOC), and I can't quickly find something I read 2,3, or more years ago. Put them on a DVD, and publish an index would be great. I would pay more for an annual DVD set of the TOH, Ask TOH, and the magazines than I do for the subscription, I would save paper, and shipping costs etc. Not to mention shelf space.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I would by every series as soon as they were available

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

This would be a great idea. I have many episodes of TOH as well as The New Yankee Workshop on VHS. WLIW used to run them back to back on Saturdays. But old tapes get lost and I did miss some shows.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Shame on Time-Warner, what an opportunity to make even more money! Obviously they are not paying attention to us.

Maybe we should share the TOH Classic episodes umongst ourselves.
My wife and I would be very pleased to purchase these, but as they are not for sale, lets trade. We are looking for someone with the Billerica project, and have homemade copies of other shows to trade.

Jeff and Kathi

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

A few months ago I wrote an E-mail to PBS Channel 28, inquiring about DVD, but they never bothered to answer. I watch every episode on Saturday eleven-thirty a.m. channel 28. I really wish they would have them on DVD.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I also just registered because i came to the site looking for DVDs to buy for my dad for christmas.....cant believe NONE are available.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I too have posted before asking for DVDs of all the seasons.
I'm guessing the problem is sharing royalties with the previous
hosts. I don't know why we can't get an answer from TOH or
Time Warner as to why we can't buy previous seasons.

SEASONS? You've got some of the most loyal viewers of any
show on TV, so get us an answer (or better yet, the DVDs).

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Yes, I contacted TOH as well, and would love to be able to get a copy of the TOH classics on DVD. Only a limited number of the classics are available on VHS.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I also agree with selling the seasons of DVD. It would be great to watch all of the projects up until the most current! CBS in my area has been showing some of the eariler projects, which has been awesome. So ok, the fans have spoken so hopefully we'll get what we all have been waiting for! Or I'll just keep recording episodes on my DVR I guess!


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