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TOH Season DVD Sets?

I cannot believe that This Old House is not on DVD, in season sets. They would certainly sell well amongst us fans!

I would love to see the UNCUT episodes, from the very first season up until the newest.

Who's with me????

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I'm with you! I would love to have full seasons to go back to and enjoy.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I would love to have all of the seasons on DVD. I would purchase them all in a second. Please release them or if they are already out, let me know where I can buy them.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Count me in on that. I would buy or request as birthday/christmas present every season.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?


I came to the site to see how much it would be for the season with the Carlysle House and it's nowhere to be found.


Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

This, to me, is a no brainer, and TOH could easily find 10 distributors to make this happen. DIY shows would be a suitable substitute, but they keep showing the same two shows over and over. What a waste! If TOH is insecure about making extra profit, then give it to PBS, they are always pimping for money. We may have to wait until the Old Guard steps down before the Next Generation comes along and saves us from syndication hell.

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I agree, they should make the sets available again. PBS used to have them available on vhs up until around 2000 or was it 2001), but they were regular vhs (not even svhs) and a dvd these days would make more sense. Also because the local pbs channels (at least where I'm at) seem to go into fundraising overdrive more often than they show the episodes, sometimes for a month at a time, causing gaps in the shows. I guess you could argue you can watch anything missed on a re-run, but for the past few years now, pbs only reruns the same year once or twice whereas before one used to be able to see complete seasons from 2 or 3 years back. So with increased advertising/fund raising it just makes sense to have them available on dvd's (same with new yankee workshop too). It's just more convenient and it's easier to pause or freeze frame and re-play certain segments over again if the need to review something or techniques, etc. Also diy just shows the classic ones I believe, and a seasons is now considered a "classic" even if it's only a year old--making it harder to watch something from the 80's or 90's. So dvd's would be a great idea.

Tim Hawkinson
Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I registered so I could add some fuel to this fire. I would love to have both This Old House and Ask This Old House available on DVD!

However, they should also be reasonably priced. I just ordered Season 1 of Ask This Old House from a private party on Amazon for $13 shipped. I then discovered that it was available from the PBS store, but it was $50. I would imagine slow sales at a high price point resulted in them choosing to not continue releasing more content.

Either way, I'd love to have access to TOH content. My wife and I are in the process of buying our first home, a 2 story 1931 house in MN, and we plan to do a lot of work restoring it. The more info we can get the better job we can do. Get to it PBS! Oh, and start shooting the show in HD already!



Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

Oh this is a fabulous idea. I missed a lot of last year and the last project. I only happened to be lucky to see the tribute to Joe Ferrante last week. I guess we're supposed to TiVo instead?

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I really hope that "the powers that be" will read this thread of comments and issue an historical set of DVDs. We have been looking for something like this for a long time.
We would especially like to see the old original episodes when people did the work themselves.

Glad to see we are not the only ones looking for TOH DVD sets!

Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

I too am eagerly waiting for the day when I can get these shows on DVD so I can watch them when ever I want. I already got myself season one of Ask This Old House and I love it. It's a great idea :cool:


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