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TOH episode Question

On a previous episode I saw an insulation installer that proved the sound dampening by placing an alarm in a 5 gallon bucket, which was lined with insulation. After placing a small bag of insulation over the hole the sound was gone. I believe the installers company was thermotech or something of that nature. Does anyone remember this episode or know that manufacturer and product.

It appeared to be a grey insulation, like the real old stuff, but was revamped and setup for spray(sticky/glue) in installation.


Re: TOH episode Question

That was not This Old House. That was a special done by a PBS station in Texas by the host of a show called The Woodworkers Shop or something like that. The insulation was Rock Wool.

Re: TOH episode Question

Actually, I also remember seeing that on TOH. And I believe they called it "Mineral Wool" Rather than "Rock Wool", although from a google search it appears it can be called either. Don't remember the name of the company though. You can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mineral_wool

Re: TOH episode Question

Found the episode:

Program #2211
The Winchester kitchen addition is nearly complete, and general contractor Tom Silva installs the last of the new historically accurate double-hung windows on the sun porch. In the kitchen, mineral wool — an old-style insulation known for its fire resistance and sound deadening capabilities, now revamped for the residential market — is sprayed into the walls. Custom cabinetmaker Jeff Peavy lays out the design and material choices for the kitchen, and roofing contractor Tom Evarts shows master carpenter Norm Abram his crew's project: architectural asphalt for the main roof, and flat-seam lead-coated copper for the addition. Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows host Steve Thomas the new plastic water supply lines, and the heating and cooling system, supplied by flexible 4" ducts.

Now the contractor they listed for the mineral wool installation, has his website down. I will try and call, because there is no added information about the insulation, just to find the manufacturers info.

Thanks for all the info.

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