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Re: to "turn" or not to "turn" down thermostat to save $$$

No it doesn't run for 135 min. But it does run for a while, luckily our coldest temps aren't even close to yours. It has gotten into the - single digits (not often) but not - double digits like you get. You have to remember that heat goes to cold so it's not just the air that has to warm up, you have walls and furniture that will also be absorbing that heat.

Are you in Canada or Alaska, BBRRRRRRR :eek::)

Re: to "turn" or not to "turn" down thermostat to save $$$

In the cold part of C-C-Canada ( chatter , chatter ):D

Sure the furnace will run for awhile , afterall it has to raise the temp to whatever the setpoint is --- the higher the setpoint the longer it will run. Depending on the lifestyle , the setpoint value , the enegry efficiency of the home , and if you setback the temp when you're not at home , etc. --- that may only be for an hour or two when you get up in the morning.

Overall, if the temps were setback , say 10 degrees , over night your furnace won't cycle as often , saving $$.
Some people think when the furnace has to run longer in the morning to bring the temp up, the saving is lost --- not true --- you still end up with a net saving. Unfortunately , these same folks have the thermostat set for 72 or higher and take the *set it and forget it * approach and then complain about the cost of heating the house.

Now , this is off topic to the orginal post where the home owner has a boiler with an outdoor rest control. In which case because of the comparator control system , they need to *set it and forget it* .
However, they can probably see a savings buy maintaining a lower target setpoint which to heat the home.


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