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To Tub or not toTub....That is the question.

I'm a newly single guy, living in a small rowhome in the city. (that's a townhome to our suburban friends). It has a really small bathroom. I think getting rid of the tub and replacing it with a tiled shower stall is the way to go. Some of my female friends and family have told me not to ditch the tub. Some also say no tub will hurt the resale value.

What do you think?:confused:

A. Spruce
Re: To Tub or not toTub....That is the question.

If it's your only bathroom, then keeping the tub will be more valuable come resale time. People with young children need a tub, lot's of adults prefer baths over shower.

Timothy Miller
Re: To Tub or not toTub....That is the question.

Howdy, What do you want to have to use and enjoy everyday? Resale la de da ... A non tile ,fiberglass enclosure with a bench built in is easy to maintain....

Re: To Tub or not toTub....That is the question.

I used to talk customers out of changing there only tubs to showers, but I stopped because it's what they want. When you go to sell the house maybe that couple with a kid or dog, or the senior citizens who medicate by soaking might knock the price down or not be interested, but that single guy or couple not concerned with children may want that at all costs. Fiberglass units maybe easier to maintain and cheaper to install, but nothing beats the wow factor of a custom tiled walk-in shower with a couple of body sprays. All you need to maintain a tiled shower is a squeegee and a yearly tile & grout sealing.


Re: To Tub or not toTub....That is the question.

I would keep the tub as well...The value of the home would dimish if you replaced the tub with a shower.

Re: To Tub or not toTub....That is the question.

i can speak as a real estate agent as well as a contractor. my advice would be this, if you're planning on being in the home for 5+ years, do what you want and what makes you comfortable. if you're probably moving relatively soon, stick wth the tub. the shower won't "overly" affect the value of your house. it's like selling a house with a pool, some people want it, some don't. there are certainly plenty of people who would prefer a nice big shower stall to a tub. i've never tried to talk anyone out of replacing a tub with s shower in a house with one full bathroom but i have certainly made them aware of how buyers think. we're now in the age of smaller living rooms, grander family rooms and kitchens, trends are changing all the time but that doesn't stop people from buying a house with a smaller kitchen or a larger formal living room. this is a debate that can go on and on but i don't think you'll have any "major" regrets if you go with the shower.

Re: To Tub or not toTub....That is the question.

You know getting rid of the tub and creating a shower stall will only cost you much. Let the tub stay as long as it’s in good condition and still looks great. It’s a nice place to relax after a stressful day so why let it go?

Re: To Tub or not toTub....That is the question.

Stick with the tub. Better a small bathroom with a tub than a spacey bathroom with a shower...

Re: To Tub or not toTub....That is the question.

If its your only bathroom it might be a good idea to keep it - having a tub in a downtown area is a bit of a luxury, at least in some cities.

If its adjoined to the main or master bedroom you'll definitely want to keep it.

Sounds like you currently don't have a shower... which can also hurt resale (as well as be kind of frustrating.) A good way to handle that situation might be to do a nice tiled shower, that also doubles as a tub. And if you're going for low maintenance, this is also a fantastic option. There are really nice one-piece tub/shower combos out there that look beautiful, but are extremely functional, ridiculously low maintenance and space saving!

I have the opposite of you - just a tiled shower stall that seems very lacking in a master bathroom... tiled stalls can be done nicely, but why not spring for the tub/shower combo? Best of both/all worlds... but that's me. :)

Best of luck!

Re: To Tub or not toTub....That is the question.


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Re: To Tub or not toTub....That is the question.

I agree with much of the advice here. If you plan on staying in the house then you should certainly go for the shower. If you plan on selling, keep the tub. If it were me, it wouldn't make or break the sale, but I can see how it would for others. Lots of luck., Make sure to post some pics. if you end up going for the shower!
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