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Like to tile front Porch

We would like to tile our concrete front porch and steps. Is there non-slip tile available that we could use? If not, then what could we use as our porch steps look terrible. The steps (5 high) are made up of building blocks with cap blocks on top. Everything is then skim coated with concrete.

We live in zone 7 (20 degrees). The porch is on the East side of the house, covered, and generally gets rain only on the North and South ends. However, the steps are at the North end and do get covered with freezing rain. Thanks.

Re: Like to tile front Porch

I would not tile your steps and porch if the concrete is in bad shape also with a skim coat on it it might crack then the tile will come up. You could paint them with a concrete paint and for traction add a sand additive to the paint maybe double the sand stir the paint really good or have the paint shop shake it up good but still stir it before application. Make sure the surface is cleaned very well. If your skim coat is smooth you might have to etch it. To etch concrete half muratic acid half water put on until it foams or bubbles. If you do tile use a quarry tile resturant use in there kitchens they have traction.

Good Luck.

Re: Like to tile front Porch

I had a similar problem. Live in zone 7 too - large front western exposure porch and step - worn pitted concrete. Did a little patching, bought some terracotta colored concrete stain, ragged on a coat, took the stain back to Home Depot (Behr), they put a little more Terracotta color into it and I ragged that on, then sealed with concrete sealer. The two shades and ragging on gave it some depth and dimension. Looks great, has held up really well, and didn't have the hassle/expense of tiling!

Re: Like to tile front Porch

Thanks for the replies everyone. I had forgotten about this post so I'm a tad late getting back. The steps don't lend themselves to paint or staining so I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and replace them....grrrr

Thanks... Toolbelt

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