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To paint or not to paint

I have a 1920-ish 1 1/2 story house that I am remodeling to sell. It has beautiful old oak woodwork. All the houses I see in magazines today seem to have white woodwork throughout. I would like to paint some of the walls dark/vibrant colors, but am afraid that it would look too dark with the dark wood trim. I really don't want to paint the oak woodwork if I can help it. Any suggestions?

Re: To paint or not to paint

If you are remodeling to sell the best bet is to paint the walls an off white. It will make the rooms seem larger and won't turn off possible buyers who don't like dark/vibrant colors. It will allow prospective buyers to decorate to there own tastes. I would also leave the natural wood work. A lot of people like natural woodwork and those that don't can easily paint them if they want.

A. Spruce
Re: To paint or not to paint

I agree, spend your time and money on curb appeal, cleaning, and freshening up. Always keep colors neutral whether you're dealing with paint, floor coverings, window decorations, etc. Let the new owners add their own flair.

Re: To paint or not to paint

I agree with both of these wise gentlemen. if trying to sell the house you can't decorate according to your taste even though it may be good taste not every one has the same view and you have to try to appeal to as large of a group of potential buyers as possable. and this then relates to neutral colors. and strongly agree with jack that you don't want to paint the wood work you can only go one direction once it is painted, leaving it natural will allow prospective home buyer to go either direction according to their personal taste. remember natural wood work is higher grade, costs more therfore more deseriable

Re: To paint or not to paint

Thank you all so much! I now have confirmation that I will leave the wood natural and the wall will be very neutral colors. Thanks.

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