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To buy or not to buy

We are looking to buy a house made in 1890. It has great bones but there are some rooms that really do not function well with the flow of a home. We want to knock down some walls to make it flow better, make bathrooms a little more spacious and updated, add a laundry/mudroom in one of the functionalless rooms...What should we anticipate? What should we look for during the inspection? How much would it cost if we have to rewire and do new plumbing in the whole house (2853 sq ft)? Is there a way to find that out before purchasing?

Re: To buy or not to buy

You mentioned a lot of work in one short paragraph.

1. First thing to do, is to sit down and itemize the things you want done.
2. Consult reputable general contractors or even architects, and narrow your list to those items that you can actually do, as not everything on your list can be done, for one reason or another.
3. Get bids for those things, compare them and see where you are standing financially. Word of advice: if you don't have all the money upfront, or have financing secured, don't even start.

Re: To buy or not to buy

dj is very correct, the work your proposing is very involved especially since its a old home. its not just a case of knocking down walls and being a quick fix. you can encounter any number of issues within the walls from structural issues which will need a engineer to sort out how to fix them. then have a general contractor who can do structural alterations. from there your looking at possibly a complete rewire.

basically this isnt a project to do over a couple of weekends, this can take a skilled crew any where from a week up to a full month to pull off

Re: To buy or not to buy

What they said plus;

I'd start with asking the realtor what the value of the home would be once those specific improvements are made. Then compare that value to what the builders day (after you've doubled their prices :eek:).

Re: To buy or not to buy

You probably wouldn't want to totally change the look of the house or the 1890s feel. It would have its own personality to begin with but first things first, do what you need to reconstruct and itemized them. Consult and compare, in this way you will not be overwhelmed on what needs instead of what you want to be done.

Care must be taken to reconstruct the house, so a reputable contractor helps. These reconstruction may costs you a bomb, so work out your finances well and should be on the way to go.

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